Potting Adhesive

Potting adhesive is a?kind of electronic adhesive, used in LED packaging. Being high refractive index and high transmittance, it helps to protect the LED chip from possible external damage such as oxidation,physical scratching and pollution,and increase luminous flux by shaping the angle of light output.

potting adhesive

We choose the OE-6550 A/B optical encapsulants produced by DOW CORNING in LED encapsulation. These optical encapsulants are designed to meet the challenging needs of the LED market, including high adhesion, high purity, moisture resistance, thermal stability and optical transmittance. Silicone materials can absorb stresses caused by thermal cycling inside the package, protecting the chip and the bonding wires. And with the electronics industry quickly moving toward lead-free processing, silicone encapsulants, with their demonstrated, excellent stability at reflow temperatures, are a natural fit for LED applications.

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